I Don’t Even Understand

So, I used to be a staunch vegan. I fell off years ago… Nursing school ruined my life in as many was as it improved it. After I graduated from nursing school, I started to have new back pain. This wasn’t the ache I’d had since my vaulting accident in high school, which was always helped by yoga. This was a deep, burning pain in my left SI joint. A level 7+ pain at all times, barely helped by narcotic pain medication. For two years, I tried intervention after intervention. After I moved to Portland, I was finally able to use CBD for the pain, which worked. I hate taking pills. They did an X-ray, and found I have spondylosis; specifically, I have a misalignment of vertebra that impinges on a nerve, causing this pain. There is no cure. Pilates helped, which was wonderful, but I really thought I was destined for life-long pain.

A little over a month ago, I was reading an article about the anti-inflammatory benefits of a vegan diet. I remembered how much I loved vegan food, and thought there’s nothing to lose here – I’ll try it for a month.

After 4 days, my pain was gone. GONE. Completely. It’s been 5 weeks since I had to take any kind of pain medication for my back, even Tylenol. I’m blown away. You know how you read the testimonials, and thing “yeah, good for you, but it’s not that way for everyone.” That’s how I felt. I didn’t really think it would help. I thought it would be a delicious failure. As it turns out, I’m thrilled to be wrong, thrilled to be pain-free, and thrilled to be vegan!


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